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Whether you’re an artist or a passionate art lover, the urge to immerse yourself in creativity at all hours of the day can be strong. Unfortunately, the responsibilities of life prevent us from spending all day at museums or in front of a canvas.

Podcasts present the perfect compromise for busy art lovers. These audio shows are essentially the radio shows of the 21st century, providing useful information and advice from entertaining experts. The art podcast scene has exploded due to demand, with growing artists tuning in on a daily basis for unique insights and words of wisdom. Most importantly, podcasts give artists a unique opportunity to learn more about their craft. They make an excellent addition to the life of any budding creative. At Agora Gallery, we compiled a list of some of our favorite art podcasts that our staff listens to.

1. The Thriving Artist Podcast

podcast studio microphone and laptopIf you’re dreaming of a career as an artist, look no further than The Thriving Artist Podcast for advice, inspiration, and insight into life as a working artist. Funded by the Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists, this podcast seeks to offer business advice to those who need it most. This podcast is an ideal choice for when you are feeling the entrepreneurial spirit, but don’t necessarily listen in for advice on techniques or art history. Instead, listen for interviews with professional artists, gallery owners, collectors, and other experts about the business side of things. We recommend this podcast to those who have developed their talents but are struggling to know what to do with them.

2. ArtCurious

ArtCurious seeks to dispel the notion that art history is dry and boring. Listen to host Jennifer Dasal as she explores some of the most fascinating, hilarious, and strange stories the long, rich history art has to offer. Explore bitter rivalries, mysterious artist deaths, and daring acts of thievery. Dasal’s show is a treasure trove of educational entertainment that displays just how juicy and dramatic the history of art truly is.

3. The Great Women Artists

Women artists have a rich tradition of incredible work, but history has proven that they lack the visibility of their male counterparts. Host Katy Hessel seeks to bridge this gap, telling stories of incredible and inspiring women who are underrepresented in history. She also interviews a variety of modern women making waves in their respective mediums. Many are visual artists, but she also sometimes explores musicians, filmmakers, and more. Listen to it here for great educational content and inspiration.

4. The Lonely Palette

The Lonely Palette is an art history podcast with a unique premise. For every episode, host Tamar Avishai chooses a painting, then interviews museum visitors right in front of it. Not only does she offer insights into the story of the paintings themselves, she offers a unique perspective that is often ignored: the first impressions of an average viewer who often have no preconceived notions of how they are supposed to feel. It’s a beautiful thing to listen to unfold, and any artist can benefit from hearing these firsthand accounts and imagining how that viewer might interpret their own work.

The Lonely Palette Adrianne Mathiowetz
The Lonely Palette, Photo credit: Adrianne Mathiowetz

5. The Living Artist

The Living Artist seeks to dispel the myth of the tortured or starving artist. Professional artist Preston M. Smith uses his podcast to explore the beautiful side of dedicating one’s life to the craft. It’s the perfect podcast to listen to when you’re feeling downtrodden or frustrated by a career chosen through passion rather than practicality. Smith does a wonderful job reminding you of the reasons you choose to be an artist while providing plenty of helpful insights and educational content along the way.

6. Artist Decoded

Artist Decoded is a podcast that focuses on perspectives, whether from the self or from others. Host Yoshino and his guests seek to break down barriers that artists create within their own minds and encourage artists to find new ways to cultivate creativity through self-reflection and experimentation. These may sound like broad goals, but that’s because they are. Artist Decoded has tons of variety in its topics, and artists and art lovers alike can all find something to love in it.

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7. I Like Your Work

I Like Your Work is a podcast dedicated to supporting artists and people directly working in the arts, from collectors to curators. It does this primarily through interviews. Hosted by charismatic curator and artist Erika B. Hess, the show feels casual, intimate, open, and honest. New episodes are released every Saturday, and the archive dates back over three years. Listen to let Hess introduce you to a massive spread of fascinating and inspiring people. In addition to being a podcast, I Like Your Work also hosts a variety of both in-person and virtual art galleries, making it a unique multimedia experience.

8. Waiting to Dry

Waiting to Dry features two painters, Sergio Lopez and Joshua Lawyer, as they discuss all aspects of a life centered around art. There’s a mixture of one-on-one conversation and talks with guests, but what makes this Podcast unique is the laid-back, down-to-earth attitude the hosts bring to the program. It’s hilarious, relatable, entertaining, and educational. Unlike some of the more business-forward or purely educational podcasts on this list, Waiting to Dry feels like hanging out with a couple of your favorite art buddies and having a chat.

9. Smart Art Business

If you can’t guess from the title, Smart Art Business is another show dedicated to helping budding artists grow the business side of their careers. Featuring many interviews with both career artists and creative industry experts, Smart Art Business is a treasure trove of useful information for those struggling to navigate the confusing sea of the art world. Join host Rachel Wilkins and her many insightful guests as you learn about personal branding, marketing your work, selling different types of art, and the many challenges of being a professional creator.

10. Art Grind

Art is hard, and feelings of stagnation and frustration are an essential part of the process. The interviews of Art Grind seek to acknowledge the trials and tribulations of being an artist head-on, creating an honest space where artists can listen to each other’s frustrations and feel understood and heard. Vulnerable self-truths, difficult questions, and critical thinking are all on display. That isn’t to say Art Grind is a depressing or dark listen, far from it. The show is highly entertaining and often humorous. They just don’t play softball, and listeners love them for it. It’s a healthy dose of tough love that can help artists work through the grind of creation

Due to their conversational tone and casual structure, art podcasts are easy and fun to follow whether you’re on the go, doing chores, or working on your latest masterpiece. You can listen to them on the go, while you’re cooking, driving, or waiting in line to pick up your kids at school, allowing inspiration to seep into your life whenever the urge strikes. With so many art podcasts available, however, it can be intimidating to find the right one for you. If you have other favorites, do let us know in the comments below.

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