Agora Group International Fine Art is a New York based visual artist agency dedicated to providing talented artists from all over the world with career development and promotional services.

Art fairs are a crucial aspect of an artist’s career. They offer artists a unique platform to display their work and gain valuable exposure to industry professionals, art lovers, and new collectors.

AGI Fine Art plays a significant role in fostering this connection. We provide support to emerging artists to present their work at leading art world events, including Art Miami Week and the NY Art Expo. Our experienced team is dedicated to facilitating your presence at these art fairs, with a less intense, yet targeted approach to enhancing your audience reach.

In addition to ensuring your participation, AGI Fine Art offers various services aimed at alleviating the logistical burdens of artists. We assist with shipping the artwork to and from the event, installing the artwork at the booth, and providing sales assistance during the fair. These services allow you to focus solely on your art and interactions with the audience, which we believe are crucial for an artist’s progression.

Through participation in Art Miami Week and NY Art Expo, you will have the opportunity to receive recognition and appreciation for your work. Both attract a diverse and international audience, offering artists the chance to gain exposure on a larger scale.