How to Perfect Your Social Media Game

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by Alvin Hopkins

While people would always have an eye for art that is really stunning, reaching the potential buyer might look like a daunting task. This is where popular platforms of social media come in! And it is precisely what you should bring to the fore when designing your social media strategy. If you’re wondering how to perfect your social media game and reach potential buyers easier, then you’re in the right place!

social media for artists

What to post

We live in the age of wow content, and the better your posts are content-wise, the more people you can engage. There’s no secret to going ‘online’ or attaining social media fame. But you have to work a bit to create engaging content so that your followers stay hooked to each of your posts. Here are a few tips on what to post on social media to maximize the chances of selling your artwork.

Allure them with behind-the-scenes

Danny Johananoff in his studio
Even photographers can open their studio to the public, like Agora artist Danny Johananoff

Have you got an unfinished project that you are excited about? How about sharing it with the rest of the world? We know that not every artist is comfortable opening up to the rest of the world when they are deep into that creative zone.

But, a little sneak peek here and there will do you no harm. If anything, it has chances of bringing more awareness your way. Behind-the-scenes or a work in progress is one of the best ways that you can give your followers a taste of what is about to come, and create a buzz about your artwork!

Focus on entertaining rather than selling

While using popular channels of social media, if you give off that pushy salesperson vibe, you are sure to lose followers faster than you can spell out the price tag. If you keep the entertainment and promotion ratio just right in your posts (with a little call to action tucked in somewhere in the caption), you will gain that prized spot in your followers’ hearts. They are your potential buyers, so focusing on keeping them entertained through your posts should be your primary target.

Go interactive all the way

Studies show that interactive content generates twice the engagement than other posts. A great way to show that you are thoughtful about your followers’ opinions is to involve them in your posts. Try arranging a quiz on Instagram Stories with an “Ask me anything” tag or just create a poll to see which of your half-done works should see the light of day first.

Play around with the interactive handles on social media and get your followers to pitch in with their ideas. With a good follow-up strategy to keep a tab of all your interactive posts, you are sure to see engagement rates shoot through the roof!

How to post

Sadly, there’s no such thing as a uniform social media strategy for everyone. You have got to understand the pulse of your followers and provide content that appeals to your target audience. However, keeping some basic social media posting trends in mind will not do you any harm. We have listed a few tricks on how to post all that fabulous content on social media.

Cash in on short-lived content

Ephemeral or short-lived content that disappears after twenty-four hours of posting is making quite a splash on the Internet. With Instagram and Facebook going the Snapchat way, with vanishing stories, marketers can cash in on the newest fear gripping millennials: FOMO (the fear of missing out). FOMO is the primary driving factor behind short-lived content and makes almost 200 million people use Instagram stories every day. Imagine the number of people you can reach out to using short-lived content!

Improvise your posts to suit the platform

The trick to getting more people to follow you is to keep them guessing what your next move could be. Use a heady mix of all social media platforms to create the perfect balance between your posts. For example, put up a Facebook post of an extended cut of the work-in-progress video you posted on Instagram and shake up a few things on both the social media platforms.

When to post

Time is of the essence when it comes to social media. Keep in mind the highest engagement rates and schedule your social media posts in a way so that you can reach out to a lot more people than before. Here are a few insights into when to post on social media and a few scheduling tips for a detailed insight.

schedule social media posts
It might seem like a time-consuming task, but planning ahead and scheduling your social media posts is an important step in building an online presence

Create and design your posts beforehand

The more you stylise your art, the better it will sell. We live in the age of filters, and you should take some time out from your social media posting schedule to create your posts just the way you want everyone to see. Try your hand at fascinating captions, and get into the shoes of a deft content marketer when you post your art online. Never put up unscheduled or whimsical posts without even the slightest bit of editing if you do not want to break the #wow artist streak you have got going for a week now on Instagram.

Keep a social media posting calendar

Schedule your posts regularly, and let apps like Facebook take care of the rest. With Facebook, you can pre-schedule your posts so that you never miss a social media update. The app posts on your behalf at a scheduled time as per your preference. It lets you take care of other important assignments and helps you to find some spare time to go for shopping new paintbrushes or redecorating your studio – for the umpteenth time. Keep a social media posting calendar to check which post goes online so that you can strategize your follow-up game accordingly.

Post at strategic times for highest engagement

Over 70% of businesses in the USA are on Instagram, and the number only keeps on increasing with every passing year. A whopping majority of users say that they are more likely to make a purchase from a brand or artist they follow on Instagram or any other social media platform, so make sure that you catch their eyes too. For example, the best days to post on Instagram are Wednesdays and Thursdays around 3 in the afternoon while Facebook has the highest engagement rates on Thursdays.

Do not confuse your social media strategy with getting more likes, shares, comments or double-taps. It’s more about putting yourself and your art out there for people to show some real appreciation and love. Establishing long-lasting and fulfilling connections online will bring you more success than you can imagine.

If you can’t seem to find time for this, you can have someone do this for you. And the best part? We have a service that does exactly that. Visit to learn more.

As a promotional gallery, we take pride in the diverse group of artists from across the globe represented by us. Want to give your art more time, and leave the marketing and promotional hassles to someone else? Book an online career development consultation meeting today.

Social media is more of an extension of who you are as an artist. Here’s wishing you all the success for your next online campaign!

Alvin Hopkins is an experienced digital marketer associated with Assignment Help for the past 3 years. He’s also a social activist and has been a part of several social awareness campaigns in the past.


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