3 Expert Tips to Showcase Your Art on Twitter

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By Haydn Symons

Are you an artist looking to step up your game on social media? Own a Twitter account but don’t know how to promote yourself? Twitter is a great platform to promote your art and offers the chance to market to potentially hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. However, not all artists know how to promote and build an audience on this popular platform. It takes consistency, engagement, and good content to build a substantial following. Read on for our expert tips for marketing your art on Twitter with better results.

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Repeat Your Tweets

Less than half of Twitter users log on at least once per day, which means your followers might not see your Tweets. To gain traction and attention on Twitter, you need to Tweet more. Start by repeating your Tweets. There are several applications out there to schedule your Tweets, like HootSuite – our Social Media team recommends it!

Hootsuite logoHootSuite gives you the ability to schedule Tweets, moderate comments, and monitor streams in real time. See if you can schedule a week’s worth of content through HootSuite every Monday. You can Tweet about what you’re working on, share your insights into the art world, and showcase the work that you’ve produced in the past.
Our suggestion is to repeat a Tweet twice a week. Pro tip: When you repeat a Tweet, slightly change the wording to keep it fresh and appealing.

Use Images

Agora artist Jennifer Morrow (center) during the opening reception of her exhibition at the gallery
Agora artist Jennifer Morrow (center) during the opening reception of her exhibition at the gallery

If you only take one tip away from this post, using images is a tactic you should focus on. For your Tweets to be noticed, shared, and engaged, your posts need to include an image. Tweets with images stand out and are visually compelling, and what better way to promote your art than by embedding images of artwork throughout your timeline?

As an artist, it should be easy to find images. Start by posting your studio, photos from your opening receptions, or of your sources of inspiration. Pro tip: Embed images that are the right size for Twitter, which is 1024 x 512 pixels, or a 2:1 ratio.

Connect IFTTT

If you have multiple social media accounts, IFTTT is a free, worthwhile tool. IFTTT works by creating ‘recipes’: you perform an action, and it automatically delivers another action. A typical IFTTT recipe that you could set up would be Twitter to Instagram: every time you post on Instagram, IFTTT will automatically post on Twitter. It saves you time by updating your various social media accounts all at once.

There are lots of different recipes that you can create, from Google Plus, to Instagram, to Facebook. You can start by posting your Instagram photos as native Tweets for the following advantages:
• It posts an image with the Tweet
• It includes your image description that you used within Instagram
• It doesn’t include a link to the Instagram post, so it doesn’t look ‘spammy’ and focuses on the content of the Tweet

Consider this application to save you time by automatically posting on other accounts. Pro tip: If you’re worried these automatic Tweets won’t look original, try to mix up your content on two platforms. For example, you could create a recipe that automatically shares on Twitter when you post an image on Instagram, and you also could create another recipe that posts on Facebook when you publish a new post on Google Plus.

Bonus Tip: Tweet at the Right Time

One sneaky little bonus tip is to Tweet at the right time. There are certain times of the day when Twitter is the most active, and if you Tweet at these times, it can be great for engagement. According to HubSpot, the best times to share on Twitter is at noon, at 3 PM, or between 5-6 PM on Wednesdays.

Using Twitter for Success!

By inserting images, repeating Tweets, and using clever applications, Twitter can be a great social media marketing tool for any artist. The most important thing is to be consistent and schedule your Tweets on a weekly basis. Even if you don’t see results straight away, stick with it – your efforts will eventually be rewarded. Above all, have fun with it! Happy Tweeting!

Haydn Symons an artist, freelance illustrator, and designer who has built a reputation for vibrant, colorful painted illustrations.


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