Frequently Asked Questions

Artwork Submissions

Is there a deadline to submit my work?

Deadlines vary by fair. We usually ask that the images of the work that you would like considered for the fairs will be submitted for review no later than three months prior to the fair.


What kind of booth location does AGI Fine Art have in fairs?

We always have prime locations in fairs, which are centrally located and present our exhibiting artists with top visibility.

How many artworks can I exhibit?

The number of pieces depends on the wall size that you have and will be selected in order to achieve the best possible presentation, aesthetically and conceptually.

How is the space calculated?

The space is calculated by the width of the wall which is the linear ft.

What is the height of the walls?

In most fairs, the walls are 10 ft high.

How much space is between the next artist and me?

Spacing between artworks and artists depends on the pieces being exhibited, the aesthetics, and the overall design of the booth. Our experienced team will curate the booth for the best presentation and scalability.

Can you hang all the art that fits on the wall space?

We do our best to make your artwork stand out, so we usually don’t overhang unless there is good artistic justification for that. This sometimes means the selection of work that we exhibit will not include all of the artwork that you present to us.


How many sales can I expect? What is the price range?

Sales volume varies from fair to fair and prices range between $500 – $20,000. We can’t guarantee sales, but they are in our best mutual interest, and we do guarantee that we will make the best effort we can to sell the artwork.

Can AGI Fine Art assist me with pricing my artwork?

We ask that you price your artwork based on your sales history. We will be glad to provide feedback and pricing suggestions afterward.

Shipping and Framing

When do I have to send the artwork?

The artwork should arrive approximately 3 weeks prior to the fair. All of the details pertaining to shipping, delivery, and important dates will be provided in a timely manner and accordingly with each fair.

Who is responsible for shipping the artwork to the fair and back?

It is your responsibility to ship and insure the artwork to the fair and to pay for the return shipping of any artwork that is not sold. We will assist you with all aspects.

Can I send my artwork rolled in a tube?

Yes, you can and we can get you a quote for stretching and framing.

Do I have to take care of customs when sending my work?

We can help with the process, but you are responsible for your shipping and shipping-related arrangements and costs, including customs.

Are the artworks insured during the fair?

Your work will be covered by our fine arts insurance policy while it is displayed in our booth.

Can I send my artworks rolled in a tube and can you stretch/frame the artworks locally?

Yes, we can stretch or frame the works for you locally and give you a quote for the costs.

Art Fairs packages start at $2,650

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