Willow Joy Newman

Summer City Idyll (July 18-24, 2024)

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 18, 2024, 6-8PM
Location: Agora Gallery, 530 W 25th Street, New York, NY, 10001

Willow Joy Newman, a Baltimore native, embarked on her artistic journey in 2021 driven by a profound desire to express herself authentically. Self-taught and deeply inspired by Baltimore’s rich culture, Newman’s art resonates with heartfelt themes and poignant messages. Each piece she creates is a testament to her dedication to inspiring and uplifting viewers through visual storytelling. As an emerging artist, Newman values every opportunity to showcase her work, believing in art’s ability to transcend boundaries and evoke deep emotions. Through her artwork, she hopes to inspire others, spark conversations, and bring joy and positivity to those who engage with her pieces.

Entanglement, 2024
Acrylic on canvas
36″ x 48″
Cascade, 2024
Acrylic on canvas
24″ x 48″
Shades of Co-existence, 2024
Acrylic on canvas
30″ x 48″