Jorge Cruz

Red Dot Miami

December 6-10, 2023

Art is infinite. I believe that following trends is unnecessary. Avoiding the corruption of the modern mentality gives me the ability to navigate freely in the waters of self-expression and satisfy my hunger for creation.

From the beginning, I have striven to find a way to convey the emotions, the sorrows, and the fears of human beings. I paint figures, mixing colors to create a vast range of human skin tones, and collecting the lights and shadows–these are the most exciting aspects of my work. In the end, when all of these sentiments are on the surface of my canvas, my happiness is eternal.

Ars longa, vita brevis. We are currently living in a world wrapped in more shadow than light, and the only humble legacy I can leave is art. If God gave me the opportunity to leave my artistic mark in history, then I would consider my purpose in life fulfilled.

Seating Madonna, 2023
Oil & graphite on canvas
48″ x 37″

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