Red Dot Miami

December 6-10, 2023

As a Chilean-Lebanese artist and avid traveler, my work is a crossover between the cultures of my home countries and the places I have visited. In my art, I distil the experiences of my nomadic life into a mish-mash of colorful cartoons, psychedelic and pop imagery, and oriental themes. I am especially fascinated by the cultural and religious diversity of Lebanon; its incredibly vibrant nightlife, stunning architecture, and beautiful landscapes, as conveyed in the wild exuberance of my paintings. I operate based on the principle of “less is more, but more is always more.” Therefore, I adopt a maximalist urban style that overloads the senses with a dizzying avalanche of objects, cartoon characters, and words in different languages. Overall, my work celebrates the wonderful madness of the world we live in, love being the main ingredient.

Trippy Bunny❤️ Bech #48, 2021
10″ x 9.5″ x 2″

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