W. Hope

I was amazed when I walked into the Gallery and saw the wonderful art space. I was thrilled when I saw my paintings. They were so well presented and the lighting was wonderful. I felt very proud of my work and thought the Gallery had done a wonderful job with the display of all the art work. It is one of the best art spaces I have seen.

The impact on my career has been amazing. I can’t believe the reaction of people when I tell them I am Exhibiting in New York. They are so impressed and they get on Facebook and tell everyone. It looks fantastic on my website and will be good for my cv. It has given me a real boost of confidence and greatly helped my self esteem.

The staff are the best group of people I have ever worked with in this situation. Emails were answered promptly – the emails were friendly and courteous as were the women sending them. The staff were very efficient and approachable. I’m finding it hard to find the words to describe how I feel about all the staff because I thought every one was so helpful, kind and very cooperative.

I feel as if I am still on cloud nine from the experience.

I loved the experience so much and was so impressed with the Gallery and staff that Agora would be the only New York Gallery that I would consider Exhibiting again if the opportunity arose.