S. Lockett

Exhibiting at the Agora has been both an inspirational and an extremely enjoyable experience in many different ways

I found the gallery itself a wonderful, wonderful space in which to show my work. Both the ground floor and upper floor are bright, light and spacious, with plenty of room for each painting and each artist.

The atmosphere is calming yet edgy. The layout is inviting, not intimidating. I particularly like the feeling of walking into different rooms of art, all housed under one roof, not knowing what will be found round the next corner.

The reception itself was such a pleasure. The hours slipped away so fast and I was slightly overwhelmed by the positive response to my work. So many interesting people, delightful people from all over the world, seemed to connect with my art. My seascapes seemed to evoke memories of personal experiences so, although inspired by my passion for North Devon, they reminded viewers of Maine, Boston, Florida. The fact that something in my work could be appreciated by people from all over the world meant everything to me.

One of the reasons that this experience has been so enjoyable is because of the staff. Right from the outset, everyone has been so professional and so helpful. Agora combines refinement with a warmth that exudes from its staff members.