J. LaVigne

The show was impeccably presented and my art was hung in a favorable location that it just felt that it belonged there. The painting was lit so well with the correct lighting choices that the colors just jumped off the canvas. And the space of the gallery as a whole gave each artist the very same professionalism. It takes a lot of preparation and hard work to have a show come off so successful.

Social media is very well handled by everyone at Agora. The publicity generated was greatly appreciated. Even in the local Spokesman-Review, which was read by many of my collectors.

It was particularly nice to have the Swedish delegation from the Swedish Embassy explain what she saw in my painting – and very accurately. I had many interesting conversations with artists and collectors from around the world.

The show was energized by each artist’s talent, and the gallery presentation just amplified that, without getting in the way. I have put on shows, attended other artists’ shows and been in galleries that usually fall short in one or most of the areas mentioned. So I appreciate and know how hard it is to pull this off so successfully. Job well done by everyone at the Agora Gallery.

What a wonderful NY experience.