Yael Izrai

Artexpo New York 2024

April 4 – 7, 2024

My paintings are often allegorical depictions of my feelings and reactions to the world. The initial impulse must be elaborated into a clear idea, and from that idea, an image can be born. This process can be almost instantaneous, or take several months or years.

Drawing from my previous work in ceramics, I seek to transpose volume and three-dimensionality into two-dimensional pieces, by creating multi-layered surfaces through the use of different materials and techniques, such as collaging and intaglio.

The subjects of my paintings vary greatly, but there are overarching questions connecting them all: Why are we humans on Earth? How can we achieve harmony of soul, body, thoughts, and actions? I believe that art should tell what it can of an ideal truth. Though this truth cannot be seen, some of its beauty can. Whether my work is born from joy or pain, my goal is to make that beauty seen. I seek to create artworks that are tuning forks for the soul, to help the onlooker find harmony amid chaos, and discover something essential in themselves.

Jazz (Mustard), 2024
Oil pastel
15″ x 15″
Jazz It, 2024
Oil pastel and black ink thai gossamer mulberry paper (chine collé)
49″ x 59″