Paula Blaschke

Artexpo New York 2024

April 4 – 7, 2024

My work is my own piece of the world, where I can explore and express myself honestly. I can release my creativity without judgment. My love of the natural world is expressed through the linework of a computer with precise accuracy. Life Is messy, but I have control over how my world transforms. I draw upon birds, animals, and flowers to be a central part of my work. Exploring new ways to describe and delineate them with simple line work is the foundation of how I work. I take something that is complex and break it down into its basic structure and elements. I then mesh it together with opposing forms to make something new and singular. I love creating my little animal vignettes where they come to life with the purpose of pleasing their audience. Me.

Cranes 2, 2021
Giclee – canvas print on matte canvas
22″ x 18″
Eagles, 1997
HD metal print – white gloss
12″ x 24″
Texas Ivy 1, 2015
Giclee – canvas print on matte canvas
24″ x 36″
Ice Forest, 2015
HD metal print – white gloss
16″ x 20″