Morgan Otagburuagu

Artexpo New York 2024

April 4 – 7, 2024

I am a Nigerian photographer and videographer based in Lagos. I celebrate Black identity and the iridescent beauty of Black skin, through high-contrast imagery and experimental lightwork. At Art Expo NY I am presenting two of my recent pieces, In Bloom and Black Vibrance

In Bloom signifies my resurgence after personal tragedy, the loss of my parents. It explores life’s cyclical nature through flowers—a symbol of remembrance and hope. Black Vibrance is my societal and political manifesto against colorism, showcasing the inherent beauty of Blackness. Collaborating with darker-skinned models, I defy stereotypes in the fashion industry and illuminate the richness of Black identity.

In each frame, I invite viewers to confront norms, challenge perceptions, and embrace the kaleidoscopic essence of the Black experience, encapsulated within my lens.

Black Vibrance, 2021
Digital photography
46″ x 33″
In Bloom I, 2023
Digital photography
33″ x 24″