Jingwei Bu

Artexpo New York 2024

April 4 – 7, 2024

In my multidisciplinary artistic practice, I delve into the concept of time through the channels of intuition, repetition, and accumulation. Within my ongoing project titled Life Maps, I explore drawing as a performative manifestation of hand movement. The marks, numbers, letters, and lines etched onto the paper encapsulate the intuitive gestures performed during my creative process. The endurance of these movements transforms the paper into both a stage and a boundary, wherein the results of my performances become a reflection on life events or purely intuitive expressions.

The repetitive nature of the motion within these drawings resembles a form of meditation and ritual, with each iteration distinct from the last. I approach the creation of these meditative drawings with the ethos of time-based performance. Allocating specific time intervals (30 minutes, 1 hour, or longer) for each drawing, I systematically navigate the page. This method documents my exploration of memory, experience, and reflection, relying on instinctive feelings rather than conscious reasoning.

The mark-making within these works varies from intense repetitive lines to spiral forms and number sequencing, revealing a highly personal and idiosyncratic system of thought. Through my artistic endeavors, I not only investigate my innate curiosity, sensitivity, and capacity for immersion but also extend an invitation for viewers to partake in the process and its outcomes–a hard-earned schematic of the soul.

Life Maps – Sky, Walking, Land, Me, You, They /天空, 行走, 大地, 我你他 (triptych), 2022-2024
Mixed media on etching paper
29″ x 111″