Camilla Ghione

Artexpo New York 2024

April 4 – 7, 2024

I make abstract resin paintings that represent our vibrant human experience and connection with the natural environment. I capture the evolving essence of emotions, feelings and nature in light, shifting throughout the day. I immortalize the beauty of moonlight, sunsets, or the sea, in unconventional ways and like to explore how the reflective glow of resin interacts with its surroundings. Environmental concerns deeply concern me. We are thinking and feeling beings made of cells, yet often fail to understand our intrinsic connection with nature. In my art I seek to foster appreciation for the beauty of our planet while cultivating an expansive sense of freedom.

Amethyst Sky, 2023
Acrylic Paints, Mixed Media and Resin on Canvas
31.5″ x 46″
Dripping, 2021
Acrylic Paints, Pigment Powders and Resin on Canvas
47″ x 39″
La Mer, 2023
Acrylic Paints, Aluminium Powder and Resin on Canvas
39″ x 47″
Petales de Roses, 2021
Real Roses Petals, Acrylic Paint and Resin
27.5″ x 39″
Dark Jungle, 2020
Acrylic on canvas
59″ x 59″
Instinct, 2021
Mixed media
39″ x 47″
Linear, 2019
Acrylic paint, stones and resin on canvas
39″ x 39″
Natural Sky, 2021
Acrylic paint, pigment powders and resin on canvas
27.5″ x 39″
Deep Thoughts (diptych), 2018
Acrylic paints, pigment powders and inks with resin
63″ x 45″
Invisible Mask, 2023
Acrylic Paint, Mixed Media and Resin on Canvas
38″ x 51″
Natural, 2020
Acrylic paint, several layers of resin and pigment powders
27.5″ x 39″
Untitled 2, 2017
Acrylic paints, pigment powder, aluminum powder and resin
39″ x 59″