Alida Velea

Artexpo New York 2024

April 4 – 7, 2024

My values are the guiding principles for approaching subjects in my art, serving as an inner compass that evolves as I grow. I focus on exploring my cultural identity and its interaction with social events that shape our lives. In an age of profound technological advancement, my work reflects on what I believe should be remembered and preserved. I paint figuratively, merging traditional techniques with modern technologies and experimental mediums. I incorporate elements of Cubism but also find inspiration in the contemporary work of Julie Mehretu, Victor Man, and Alina Gherasim. My goal is to connect the past with the present and inspire dialogue. I invite the viewer to explore my work and join me in reflecting on the complexities of identity and our shared human experience.

Firmness, 2023
Mixed media on canvas
28″ x 20.5″
Primary Yellow, 2023
Oil on canvas
28″ x 27.5″
Strength, 2023
Mixed media on canvas
28.5″ x 20.5″