Aigerim Bektayeva

Artexpo New York 2024

April 4 – 7, 2024

I am a Kazakh artist inspired by my love for the Kazakh people and my homeland. My work blends classical traditions with Impressionism and Expressionism, utilizing various materials like oils, acrylics, decorative stones, and metals on canvas.

My latest body of work is Bee-Loved: A Journey to Self-Acceptance and Self-Love. The series celebrates the beauty and resilience of bees and their queen, as a metaphor for self-love and self-acceptance. Each painting depicts a different stage in the journey towards loving oneself, from the challenges and struggles to the joys and triumphs. The vibrant colors and intricate details of the bees and their hive represent the inherent beauty and worth within every one of us. Bees live in beauty and create beauty, just like people. Through these paintings, the viewer is encouraged to embrace their unique qualities and cultivate a deep love and appreciation for themselves and the world, just as the bees do for their queen and hive.

Nymph of the Bee Kingdom, 2023
Oil on canvas
75″ x 63″
Honey Peak, 2024
Oil on canvas
75″ x 59″
Diversity, 2023
Oil on canvas
33.5″ x 53″