Video Marketing for Artists: How to Create and Share the Perfect Content

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by Jessica Fender

Video content is always important for any business or influencer. Not only does it allow the artist to create engaging material but it also helps spread a message by captivating the audience’s attention. Since we live in times when everyone is always so busy, video is the best way to present the audience with information while still not taking away too much of their precious time. Also, it helps your viewer see who’s behind the video and establish a connection.

A videographer in Agora Gallery’s booth at Artexpo New York
Videographer in Agora Gallery’s booth at Artexpo New York

The best way to achieve all that is by knowing exactly which elements you need to incorporate into your videos so that they can bring the best outcome. There are quite a few tips you can follow to make the most out of it. Here are some ideas to help you succeed.

Creating a good quality video – How can you do that and which are some things you need to take into consideration in order to make sure that it’s of the best quality possible?

Know the purpose of your video

  • In order to be prepared to make a video that will be a success, you will need to know the exact purpose of your video. Depending on your target audience, you will need to decide whether your video will be for entertainment purposes, educational or one where you share a scary or personal experience. These are just some examples of the type of content you can choose to create but they can all help you decide on a topic and start doing your research on how to present it. Certain matters can be difficult to touch on and they might make you or your audience uncomfortable or bring you in a difficult situation. Therefore, knowing the purpose of your video is going to help you plan it and its script in advance and allow you to just from one part of it to the other without any issues. The better you plan it in advance, the easier it will be for your audience to follow the story.
videographer agora gallery
Videographer filming an opening reception at Agora Gallery

Have a set studio ready for filming

  • While this might go without saying for some people, having a filming studio, even if it is a small one, can be a great advantage to the quality of your content. While some video artists prefer to film outdoors, there are always instances where you will require a set environment to film. This also depends on whether you create videos for your own needs or if you work with a company that needs them. In either case, you will need to make sure that you are able to have some professional equipment in order to do this successfully. Apart from your cameras, different lenses, and your microphone, you should invest in some professional lights as well as a backdrop for your videos, which can either be themed or even a green screen. These will help you create the right environment to film, especially when you are filming yourself for other people.

video studio

Edit the texts you include

  • Including written content in your videos is something that will help keep your audience focused even more and help you with making the video more interesting for them. There are quite a few things you can use as captions or any other form of written content in your videos. The most common reason why people use written text is that they want to add captions for the hearing impaired. Captions can help your video appeal to a bigger audience and allow you to earn the respect of many people. If you wish to make sure that the written content you include in your videos is if the best quality possible, you can choose from one of the best writing services available online so they can edit and polish your content based on your needs.

Choose the right music

  • Music can make everything more marketable instantly, and there are so many musical options for you to choose from online. Depending on where you wish to promote your video, you will need to use different kinds of music. In order for you to make it more universal, you should probably try staying away from popular music as it can be prone to copyright claims which could cause you trouble.
    There are many ways for you to find tracks online which will be free of copyright claims as long as you give the creator credits. You can use these on any platform, from YouTube to Instagram without any problems. This gives you the opportunity to use unique and fitting music to your videos without having to do much research either.

Include a voiceover commentary

  • Lastly, another good idea in order to create a good quality video that will be marketable and interesting for your audience is to add a voiceover, especially if the video doesn’t include any other form of speaking. Whether it is an educational one, a tutorial or a short film or monologue, you can always add some voiceover on top of the original dialogues so you can help your audience keep track of the progress of the video. Voiceovers are very easy to do and add to your videos through a simple editor app and they can help add more depth to your stories. Just don’t forget to also include captions so that everyone in your audience can have access to your content.

Sharing your video with your audience

There are quite a few things you can do in order to make sure that your video is sharable online. Here are some ways to share it with your audience successfully.

Use the right social media platforms

  • First of all, in order for you to promote your videos successfully, you will need to use the right social media platforms to do so. Currently, the biggest platform for sharing videos is YouTube. With almost 5 billion videos being watched on this platform on a daily basis, you can imagine exactly why it has become so popular. Each individual platform has something to offer to its users, especially the creators who are trying to get their content noticed. Instagram and Twitter, for example, allow you to come in contact with your target audience a lot more easily and can help you find ways to connect with them without too much trouble. On Facebook, on the other hand, your audience is more likely to look for your page deliberately or find it through a friend’s tag or suggestion. It might be a good idea for you to experiment with using different social media platforms to share your content on and see which ones work the best for your niche. It’s also worth mentioning that every social media network requires a slightly different approach to creating and distributing content. Even the length of your videos should be different depending on where you’re uploading it to. For the audience on Instagram and Twitter, shorter videos would work better. Try to wrap up your ideas in one minute or less.

Longer videos would be a better fit for your page on Facebook. Here, you can go into more details regarding your project, idea or event.

If you’re planning on creating a long-format video, YouTube and IGTV introduced by Instagram last year would your best bet to reach the target audience.

Share a preview of your video

  • Social media platforms offer their users with many different ways of creating hype for their upcoming content. A common tactic many artists and content creators use is to create short previews of their videos or even share pictures on their feeds of moments in their upcoming videos. Another thing many choose to do is to utilize the story function which most platforms nowadays offer. Through that, they are able to share their own opinions and ideas about their upcoming creations and give small hints and pictures to their audience which will help create excitement amongst their audience. Chances are however that your story or preview can get lost among in the content wall users see in their feeds. To improve your chances of being noticed, you can create a captivating image or video thumbnail that will attract readers’ attention. Many popular bloggers and companies include some branding elements in their video previews so why not use this tactic? You can create your own logo or think of unique typography elements so that people would know who is the author of a given video when they see it in their feed.
Branded thumbnails example by ThriveThemes

The thumbnails are always working in the advantage of a creator and can help them make their content more appealing and interesting to their current followers. The audience will also be more likely to share and comment on something they were excited about in advance, therefore the engagement levels will rise significantly too.


Work with famous influencers

  • Another common tactic that allows video artists to share their work online is to work with influencers who will be able to promote it. The best option for this is to include the influencer in your video and appeal to their followers through a small scripted play, an interview or any other form of content yours and their followers will appreciate. Influencers are loved and trusted by their followers and usually have large follower counts on their social media pages. By working with them, you will be able to appeal to this audience and get your work the visibility and engagement it deserves.

Ask for video suggestions online

  • Another great tactic you can use in order to make your videos more marketable online is to ask your followers for suggestions on what they would like to see you create next. Even if you are working with a company that needs certain promotional videos for their online activities, you should still ask their followers for advice through the company’s social media accounts. Including the audience in the creative process will help them feel appreciated and eager to see their ideas take life in your videos. The more appreciation you show to those who support you and the more you use their ideas in your work, the easier it will be for you to build a lasting relationship with them.

Use spontaneous videos to your advantage

  • Lastly, something you can use in your favor which will help you establish a better connection with your audience and allow you to create content your followers will enjoy is spontaneous short videos and stories on your social media platforms. The story feature has become widely popular among influencers and other social media users and allows you to film a series of short videos whenever you wish, of whatever you wish. You can have the chance to receive replies from your followers and even start polls in order to receive feedback from your audience in regards to an uploaded video or ideas for future content. Spontaneous videos are always a good idea when you wish to not only show your video taking skills but to also connect with your audience and give your page a more personal touch. A good idea is to also show yourself on the video and share more personal details about your daily life or your creative ideas with your followers, whenever you get the chance. If you’re not ready to go live spontaneously but you want to engage your viewers, you can always add some live elements to your video content. You can go outside to shoot a short Q&A session or an interview instead of filming it in the studio. Don’t be afraid to take some risks. New video content formats encourage experiments.

Creating and sharing the best quality content

  • Being a content creator can be difficult. You might run out of ideas or you might not be able to express your thoughts the way you would like on film. No matter what you decide to create, having the support of your audience is always important and it will help you make your content more popular online easily.
    The only things you have to do is work hard on creating good quality content and remember to ask for advice and ideas whenever you feel stuck. The more you include your followers in your creating process, the more support you will receive.

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