Top 6 Tips For Building an Artist Website

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So, you’re an artist. Do you paint? Are you a master sculptor of clay? Maybe you’re a photographer known for shooting stunning images. No matter what kind of artist you are, you need a website. Marketing may not be your strong suit, but the Internet was designed to bring people together. Let your art be seen all over the world with a custom website built just for you.

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We know. You’re not a web designer. That’s where we come in. With our new service, the experts at Easy Art Websites, we are here to help you build a website that suits your artistic personality and has all the functionality to help your business thrive. Today, we are going to look at the top 6 tips for building an artist website.

1. Domain and Hosting

This is one of the less glamourous parts of building a website. First, you need to pick a domain name. It should be either your name or something short that encompasses your brand of art. If already have a domain, great! If not, we will set one up for you at no additional cost.

A mistake many people make when they first get their own website is signing up for free hosting. It may sound good, but at the end of the day, you want to stay away from free web hosting. Ever hear the phrase ‘you get what you pay for?’ That’s exactly what happens when you sign up for free hosting. Your beautiful artist website might be bombarded by intrusive ads and pop-ups. This is a definite negative when you are trying to showcase your art.

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2. Choose a Template That Fits

Now we’re getting into the more creative parts of building an artist website. When it’s time to pick your template, you should be sure to choose something that reflects the same style as your art. Remember, you are marketing yourself and you want to stick to a cohesive message across the board. If your medium is black and white, you wouldn’t want to choose a template filled with bright colors. Or maybe you would! You’re the artist, it’s your job to create the visual picture you want your audience to see.

There is a variety of templates for you to choose from and to customize
There is a variety of templates for you to choose from and to customize

3. Organize Your Art

Imagine you are a potential customer searching through your site. How is that customer going to have the best experience? We always recommend that you organize your art on the web the same way you would in a gallery or exhibit. What pieces are meant to go together? Organize your art online in a series of related works. Group your different collections together in a way that your potential customers can easily navigate. If they like one piece of a certain style, they may want to see a similar piece. Guide your future buyers through your collections just like in a gallery.

4. Capture Emails

The most important thing you can do for your artist website is to create a quick and easy way to have people subscribe to your email list. This is the best way for you to communicate with your current customers and future buyers. Your email list will become your most valuable marketing tool. You should start a weekly or monthly newsletter to showcase any new works or even special discounted deals. The more often you connect with your subscribers, the higher the odds of making a sale. Sometimes, artists can be shy about promoting their work. But your subscribers want to hear from you or they wouldn’t have sign up in the first place.

You want your email capture button to be placed prominently so anyone browsing your site will notice. Pop-ups are also okay for collecting email addresses. The more emails you capture, the better your marketing efforts in the future will pay off.

5. Don’t Forget About Mobile!

table artist website You can spend hours trying to get your website to look perfect. Finally, you’re pleased and excited about the outcome. You know you’ve built an awesome artist website and you can’t wait to share your link with friends, family, and customers. Before you send that link, have you checked how your website loads on mobile?

This is a simple, yet often forgotten tip on how to start an artist website. Websites don’t load the same on mobile devices as they do on desktops. What looks great on your desktop can look broken and discombobulated on your phone. You want to make sure you pick a design that will load properly for both. While you are building your site, keep checking back and forth to see how your template is translating to your phone. This will save you lots of time and headaches in the future.

6. Sync Your Social Media

Your website should always include an easy way to find your social media profiles. If you want to maximize your online exposure, point your visitors to see more on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts. The more someone sees of you on a regular basis (via your social media posts) the more your art will be on their mind. This can make them more apt to buy your art. Be sure you are posting on your social media profiles and posting often.

For Easy Art Websites, building artist websites is a passion. You bring the art and the experts will bring the functionality.

For only $45 a month, we will create a custom artist website for you. All you have to do is tell us what you want and we handle the rest. We will design and build your site to perfection. Don’t worry about email captures or registering domains. We will take your website from concept all through the finished product. And yes, we will make sure it works on mobile devices too.

What if you are continually creating new art to showcase? All you have to do is contact us whenever you need to upload a new piece. We allow up to twenty-five updates per month to give you plenty of flexibility. You create the art. We’ll take care of the rest!

If you need help with creating your personal artist website, visit

Are you worried about having your artwork copyright stolen on the web? It is a risk that you are taking by putting your art online, but we’ve put together a guide to limit the damage.


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