Making Your Art Career Work: Everything An Artist Needs To Know

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If you have long fantasized about building a career as an artist, the time has come to transform that dream into a reality. So many artists out there work tirelessly to continue producing their art but have a difficult time attracting the attention their work needs to take it to the next level.

Building Your Career as an Artist

With the advent of Internet technology and social media, communications and networking have exploded on a global scale, and it’s never been easier to market your work, access great opportunities for artists, like participating in art competitions and start translating all of your hard work into sales.

We have built this expert advice section with you, the established or emerging artist, in mind, to provide you with sound advice, practical support, and the inspiration you need to bring your vision to fruition.

Growing your Art: Developing into the Artist You Were Meant to Be

Living the artist’s life involves so much more than simply creating your art using whatever mode of artistic expression you happen to favor.

Diane Howard in her Studio
Diane Howard in her Studio

To be successful,

  • You need to cultivate a daily dedication to pursuing inspiration
  • You need a commitment to growing and nurturing your creative spirit despite the constant pull of worldly demands and responsibilities
  • You need a strong understanding of how to balance your life to carve out that all-important time to create.

Being a working artist requires that you dedicate a portion of your life to identifying and developing your own unique artistic voice. This might involve anything from creating a dedicated working space in your home to sourcing those materials that will best help you to bring to life your own unique vision.

Patricia Olguin in her Studio

Taking Your Art Marketing to the Next Level

Dynamic and effective marketing is one of the most important aspects of getting your art out there, attracting the right kind of attention, and ultimately landing those sales. While it’s advisable to pursue gallery representation, there are so many things that you can do yourself to help build your brand as an artist and gain the exposure you need to secure recognition in the art world.

Opening reception September 18th at Agora Gallery
Opening reception September 18th at Agora Gallery

Navigating the Logistics of Today’s Art World

Julia Ennis Studio
Julia Ennis Studio

For many artists, the challenge lies not in creating the art itself but rather in the bare bone logistics that are often involved in the everyday business of being an artist. There are many skills that need to be developed in this arena in order to package and present your work in the best light possible to attract buyers.

Tracking Down Incredible Opportunities for Artists

As with any business, identifying that next great opportunity is one of the best ways to propel you toward success. In the art world, this is an area that is constantly evolving as new artist competitions, exhibitions, and funding sources become available to emerging and established artists.

Cover Photo from ARTisSpectrum. Photo by Keith Butler
Cover Photo from ARTisSpectrum. Photo by Keith Butler

Artist to Artist: Advice from Those Who Have Traveled Before You

Nothing helps a budding artist more than the mentoring and coaching that can be had from a successful artist who has already had to make his or her own way in the art world. There are so many different ways to go about building your reputation in the art world and getting your art the exposure it needs to move you forward in your artistic career.

Hearing the personal stories of artists who have come before you will not only be inspiring, but it may also spark some creative ideas on how to think outside the box and innovate new ways to market your brand, build a network within the art world, and develop the fan base you need to take your art to the next level.

If you love to create and want to share your vision with the world, it’s never too late to kick-start your artist career. We at Agora Gallery are passionate about the discovery of new talent and believe that every artist has a bit of genius to share with the world. We are dedicated to supporting you in this endeavor and look forward to watching you embark on your journey to success.

Looking to develop your artistic career and build a presence in New York City and worldwide? Book an online career development consultation meeting today.


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  1. alsion Warner avatar

    Dear Agora,

    How are you taking payment from customers who are using facebook to find artwork?

    Cheers Alison

    1. Agora Experts avatar

      Hi Alison,

      For us, there is no difference whether buyers come from social media or otherwise. The process is the same.

  2. Lollie Bennish avatar

    your tutorials are what I’ve needed for quite a few years.
    …..and here they are!!!
    I thank you,
    Lollie Bennish

    1. Agora Experts avatar

      Dear Lollie, we’re very happy to help. Thank you for stopping by!