Making Connections in the Post-Pandemic Art World

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by Heather Zises

Like most art galleries around the country, Agora Gallery finds itself adapting to a new standard of business practice in a post-pandemic art world, after the wake of COVID-19. As we slowly recalibrate in the post-COVID era, we are eager to fill the void created by the pandemic which resulted in a general lack of international cultural exchange. Germane to our mission in relationship-building at the gallery, we strive to foster connections amongst the artists we represent. Our goal is to unmute creative voices and help our artists build or reinvigorate their artistic careers.

One major reality is that being social is crucial to success in the art world. That said, as we have learned over the past 16+ months, we will continue to become a stronger and stronger branch of the art world. As the world begins to open up, we strongly encourage our artists to make connections and be social. Of course, nothing can replace in-person interactions, but we also lay out a few ways artists can build up relationships and connections through the digital world.

Here are a few of the best ways to make connections with other artists, and the benefits of doing so.

  1. Attend In-Person Exhibitions, Gallery Openings & Receptions: As the world makes its next global pivot toward the “new normal,” attending IRL events is a valuable use of your time for many reasons:
    • Reconnection: After a year of lockdown, it’s time to crack out of your isolation tanks and reconnect with your community.
    • Reinvention: Perhaps you created a new body of work and want to entice collectors with your “covid creations.” Or maybe you took a new approach to artmaking altogether, transformed your studio, and want to share it with the world at large. No matter the shift, an in-person event is a great place to swap stories with fellow attendees, learn about new opportunities, and more.
    • Rekindle: Both pre-and post-covid, openings remain a great way to meet new artists, clients, and collectors, as well as reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. Share that new business card, plug your new aesthetic on social media or spread the word about your upcoming show that is no longer postponed. (Hallelujah!)
    • Re-lear and refresh: Looking back on the past year, the art world has simultaneously atrophied and flourished. From cancel culture to virtual everything, artists have found new ways to express themselves via virtual studio visits and digital exhibitions. As a “return to order” begins to unfold and openings start to stack up on the calendar, connect with other artists to find out what’s percolating outside of virtual spaces.
Guests with face masks inside Agora Gallery
Agora Gallery Exhibition “Lyrical Narratives and Abstraction” Opening Reception Photo from November 3, 2020

2. Attend an Art Fair. We can’t talk about being social in the post-pandemic art world, of course, without including art fairs. Hundreds of people come to interact with your art, and it’s a prime opportunity for connecting with tons of artists, collectors, galleries, and art lovers.

Post-Pandemic Art Fair
Agora Gallery’s booth at Affordable Art Fair New York, 2021

Thankfully, after a 16-month hiatus, art fairs have come back—albeit “differently.” You must be vaccinated to get in, but once inside, you’ll find buzzing crowds, fresh artwork and styles, and artists bursting with creative energy. Here are the art fairs taking place in New York and around the world in the months ahead:

3. Try Art Workshops. Another great way to make important connections with artists is by attending artist-run workshops or en plein air retreats, etc. Workshops can be taught for beginners to professionals, so it’s a great place to meet other similar artists, all while gaining inspiration and sharpening your skills.

4. Enter Art Competitions: Outside of social media and openings, entering art competitions is a great way to connect with other artists. We have plenty more information on How Art Competitions Can Boost an Artist’s Career in this interview with the Coordinator of the competitions, Carolina Carilo.

Chelsea International Fine Art Competition
Chelsea International Fine Art Competition exhibition

Here are a few that accept submissions or prepare to show their selected artists:
Chelsea International Fine Art Competition
Chelsea International Photography Competition
The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition

5. Find events and fellow artists on social media. Social Media is about being SOCIAL. Thankfully there are many platforms upon which you can continue to display, promote and sell your art in the post-covid era.

A man taking pictures in an art gallery

It’s also a great place to reach out to and connect with artists who you meet at openings, exhibitions, art fairs, and more, especially now, in the post-pandemic art world, when everyone is eager to network and exhange ideas.

  • Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok all offer fantastic channels to follow your favorite galleries and artists as well as information about local events. Facebook will even recommend events near you! See our article on How to Grow Your Instagram Account.
    We also recommend checking out a few newer social media outlets, like Clubhouse and SeeSaw, which are art-world platforms.

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  1. nobuko shimizu avatar

    Very comprehensive and informative. I also entered the Chelsea International fine art competition.
    thank you!

    1. AGI Fine Art Experts avatar

      Thank you for participating in our 37th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition and for your valuable feedback!
      We are delighted to hear that you found our blog useful and insightful.
      Please stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts and announcements.
      Thank you!