June 2022: News roundup

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Big Sales for Women Artists at Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Auction, ‘The Now’  

The evening consisted of two auctions together totaling $283.4 million (with fees) in sales. The first block, “The Now,” centered solely on twenty-first century creations and concluded with 65% of sales favoring the works of women artists–a rare–but refreshing occurrence in such a male-dominated industry. Success was especially extended to artists Simone Leigh, Jennifer Packer and Anna Weyant who all individually casted selling records of their work. 

An Icon Unveiled: A New TV Series on the Life Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo Management will develop a TV series on the life and career of Frida Kahlo in partnership with BTF Media. The show seeks to present a unique perspective on the artist’s life, depicting Kahlo as a symbol of female empowerment and hope. Based on testimonies of the artist’s family, each episode will reveal lesser-known facts about Kahlo’s life and work, painting a more authentic portrait of this controversial Mexican icon.

Is Communal Living the Key to Happiness? Norwegian Exhibitions Pose the Idea

The primary venue of Kode Museums in Norway will showcase a habitable installation by architects Helen & Hard. Guests are welcome to view and even reside in the fourth month exhibition containing a kitchen, common areas, bedrooms and more. The artists’ intent is intriguingly unique: to extinguish the connotation that living together equates to a lack of individual freedom. Additional structures such as a bar and library will soon be added.

American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) Unveils the Completed 5 Year Refining of the Northwest Coast Hall  

The $19 million renovation includes Indigenous perspectives and modernized architecture that was last remodeled in 1910. Ten cultures and over 1,000 artifacts such as ceremonial regalia and monolithic carvings are featured in the vast exhibition–two spaces are even dedicated to contemporary Northwest Coast artists. The long awaited project was overseen by Why Architects’ Kulapat Yantrasast, AMNH’s exhibition department Vice President Lauri Halderman, curators Peter Whiteley and Haa’yuups, and other consultants.

Prehistoric Inscriptions Found in Tunnel Beneath Turkish Home

Cave art dating back to the Stone Age was discovered by looters in a tunnel complex that was excavated below a house, in the remote Turkish village of Başbük, near the Syrian border. The art is religious-themed and is the first known example of Neo-Assyrian wall painting with Aramaic inscriptions. Archaeologists will conduct further research on the site, once the tunnels are safe to visit. 

Prestigious Käthe Kolowitz Prize Awarded to Photographer Nan Goldin

The award, presented by the Berlin Academy of Arts, aims to recognize photographers whose work has been particularly impactful and lasting. Goldin’s line of work has closely examined themes of sexuality, gender, and complex domestic relationships for over 40 years. As the 2022 recipient, Golden is being noted specifically for her revolutionary documentation of the LGBTQ+ community.    


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