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  • Artistic Resonance: A Comprehensive Guide to Resolutions for Aspiring and Mid-Career Artists in the New Year

    Artistic Resonance: A Comprehensive Guide to Resolutions for Aspiring and Mid-Career Artists in the New Year

    In the ever-evolving realm of artistry, the advent of a new year prompts reflection and the setting of resolutions that can guide aspiring and mid-career artists. Grounded in practical insights and aimed at an audience navigating the dynamic art landscape, this discourse seeks to delineate a comprehensive guide for the upcoming year.

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  • November 2023: News Roundup

    November 2023: News Roundup

    A Texan museum celebrates the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton’s chilling masterpiece “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” artists grapple with darkness and mystery at the 11th Reykjavik art festival, while the giant sculpture of an Assyrian deity is unearthed from the Iraqi soil. Read up and get your yearly dose of eeriness in this month’s edition…

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  • October 2023: News Roundup

    October 2023: News Roundup

    The interrelation of humans and machines has sparked issues of authorship in courts, such as the recently scrutinized Théâtre d’Opéra Spatial, and ignited pleas from artists, writers, and performers to prevent copyright protection for AI-generated works. Meanwhile, a multi-tentacled bird produced with Augmented Reality flaps its wings above the Whitney Museum of American Art in…

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  • September 2023: News Roundup

    September 2023: News Roundup

    We travel to spectacular land installations in the steep Himalayan mountains of India, wash up to the shores of Spanish island Menorca, home to Hauser & Wirth’s new scenic gallery compound, and follow street artist Banksy’s record-breaking exhibition as it tours across the world. We bring you all this and more in our monthly news…

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  • August 2023: News roundup

    August 2023: News roundup

    From Barbieland to the Moon and fantastical cyberscapes, this month’s news roundup makes your imagination run wild.

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  • July 2023: News roundup

    July 2023: News roundup

    Bulgari, the renowned Roman jeweler, has opened a temporary immersive gallery in downtown New York City to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its iconic Serpenti collection. Pope Francis commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Vatican Museum’s inclusion of modern and contemporary art with a meeting of artists in the Sistine Chapel. These events, along with…

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  • June 2023: News roundup

    June 2023: News roundup

    From oversized swimmer sculptures in the middle of Manhattan to opulent garden installations, and mysterious ancient geoglyphs in Peru, we bring you all this and more in our monthly news roundup.

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  • May 2023: News roundup

    May 2023: News roundup

    With an Additional $12 M., Getty Foundation Announces Science-Focused 2024 PST Shows – The Getty Foundation has revealed the theme for its Pacific Standard Time (PST) exhibition, which will be titled Art & Science Collide.

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  • April 2023: News roundup

    April 2023: News roundup

    A mysterious Jackson Pollock painting with a hidden message, a recreation of Monet’s Monumental ‘Water Lilies’ by Ai Weiwei, and more. This is the April 2023 news roundup.

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  • March 2023: News roundup

    March 2023: News roundup

    Iconic $42 K. Jeff Koons ‘Balloon Dog’ Sculpture Accidentally Smashed by Art Collector in Miami – The 2021 sculpture created by Jeff Koons entitled “Balloon Dog (Blue)” was displayed at Art Wynwood contemporary art fair in Miami by Bel-Air Fine Art.

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  • February 2023: News roundup

    February 2023: News roundup

    The Gilroy Center for the Arts is announcing its 9th Annual Black History Month Art Exhibition titled Through Their Lens. In 1985, Mike Henderson’s studio caught on fire and the paintings he had made during the 1960s and 70s were thought to be destroyed. This and more in our February 2023 News roundup.

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  • January 2023: News Roundup

    January 2023: News Roundup

    From Yayoi Kusama’s career-tribute exhibition to the Parthenon marbles saga, here is your January news roundup.

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  • The Great AI Art Debate

    The Great AI Art Debate

    The latest craze lighting up social media feeds is a spate of AI-generated portraits: enhanced selfies that are made with the photo editing app Lensa. Using the “Magic Avatars” feature, the app creates original images of users’ likenesses in a range of artistic styles such as Pop, Art, Fantasy, and Anime.

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  • December 2022: News Roundup

    December 2022: News Roundup

    After 120 Years Apart, Two Van Gogh Masterpieces Are Reunited

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  • November 2022: News Roundup

    November 2022: News Roundup

    Probable Deliberate Easter Island Wildfire Causes Irreversible Damage to Moai Head Statues

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  • October 2022: News roundup

    October 2022: News roundup

    The Hugo Boss prize, a biannual award brought by The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and fashion house Hugo Boss, has been discontinued.

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  • September 2022: News roundup

    September 2022: News roundup

    British-American artist Emma Webster uses virtual reality as the basis of her wondrous oil on canvas landscapes.

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  • August 2022: News roundup

    August 2022: News roundup

    From a 350-year-old Spanish shipwreck to the loss of a revolutionary visual artist, here’s the news roundup for August 2022.

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  • July 2022: News roundup

    July 2022: News roundup

    From an abstract artist rapid ascension in the art world to environmentalists gluing themselves to centuries-old artworks, here is July’s news roundup.

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  • June 2022: News roundup

    June 2022: News roundup

    From an upcoming show about Frida Khalo to prehistoric inscriptions beneath a Turkish Home, here’s the news round-up for June 2022.

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  • May 2022: News roundup

    May 2022: News roundup

    Have a look at the latest news from the art industry for May 2022 in this news roundup.

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  • April 2022: News roundup

    April 2022: News roundup

    From solidarity for Ukraine to a robot powered by AI heading to Venice Biennale, here is April’s news roundup.

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