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  • May 2023: News roundup

    May 2023: News roundup

    With an Additional $12 M., Getty Foundation Announces Science-Focused 2024 PST Shows – The Getty Foundation has revealed the theme for its Pacific Standard Time (PST) exhibition, which will be titled Art & Science Collide.

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  • April 2023: News roundup

    April 2023: News roundup

    A mysterious Jackson Pollock painting with a hidden message, a recreation of Monet’s Monumental ‘Water Lilies’ by Ai Weiwei, and more. This is the April 2023 news roundup.

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  • March 2023: News roundup

    March 2023: News roundup

    Iconic $42 K. Jeff Koons ‘Balloon Dog’ Sculpture Accidentally Smashed by Art Collector in Miami – The 2021 sculpture created by Jeff Koons entitled “Balloon Dog (Blue)” was displayed at Art Wynwood contemporary art fair in Miami by Bel-Air Fine Art.

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  • February 2023: News roundup

    February 2023: News roundup

  • January 2023: News Roundup

    January 2023: News Roundup

    From Yayoi Kusama’s career-tribute exhibition to the Parthenon marbles saga, here is your January news roundup.

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  • The Great AI Art Debate

    The Great AI Art Debate

    The latest craze lighting up social media feeds is a spate of AI-generated portraits: enhanced selfies that are made with the photo editing app Lensa. Using the “Magic Avatars” feature, the app creates original images of users’ likenesses in a range of artistic styles such as Pop, Art, Fantasy, and Anime.

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  • December 2022: News Roundup

    December 2022: News Roundup

    After 120 Years Apart, Two Van Gogh Masterpieces Are Reunited

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  • November 2022: News Roundup

    November 2022: News Roundup

    Probable Deliberate Easter Island Wildfire Causes Irreversible Damage to Moai Head Statues

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  • October 2022: News roundup

    October 2022: News roundup

    The Hugo Boss prize, a biannual award brought by The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and fashion house Hugo Boss, has been discontinued.

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  • September 2022: News roundup

    September 2022: News roundup

    British-American artist Emma Webster uses virtual reality as the basis of her wondrous oil on canvas landscapes.

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  • August 2022: News roundup

    August 2022: News roundup

    From a 350-year-old Spanish shipwreck to the loss of a revolutionary visual artist, here’s the news roundup for August 2022.

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  • July 2022: News roundup

    July 2022: News roundup

    From an abstract artist rapid ascension in the art world to environmentalists gluing themselves to centuries-old artworks, here is July’s news roundup.

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  • June 2022: News roundup

    June 2022: News roundup

    From an upcoming show about Frida Khalo to prehistoric inscriptions beneath a Turkish Home, here’s the news round-up for June 2022.

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  • May 2022: News roundup

    May 2022: News roundup

    Have a look at the latest news from the art industry for May 2022 in this news roundup.

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  • April 2022: News roundup

    April 2022: News roundup

    From solidarity for Ukraine to a robot powered by AI heading to Venice Biennale, here is April’s news roundup.

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