April 2022: News roundup

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Ai-Da, the Robot Artist Powered by AI, Is Heading to Venice for a Show During the Biennale—and She’s Bringing Her New Painting Arm

Ai-Da, the world’s only ultra-realistic humanoid robot artist, makes her way to the Venice Biennale. Considered by her creator to be both an artist and a work of conceptual art, she will showcase her talent at Leaping into the Metaverse, a solo performance exploring how humanity interacts with AI technology. 

Ted Mooney, Longtime “Art in America” Senior Editor and Acclaimed Novelist, Dies at 70 

Ted Mooney, a prize-winning novelist and a senior editor at Art in America, died March 22 at the age of 70 after a long bout with heart disease. His elegant, intellectually poised works garnered him glowing reviews, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and two Ingram Merrill Foundation grants. His keen eye and taste brought literary finesse to countless articles and reviews, winning the esteem of writers and editorial colleagues alike.  

The Supreme Court Will Hear Lawsuit Over Whether Warhol Committed Copyright Infringement

On Monday, the Supreme Court will review a lawsuit filed by photographer Lynn Goldsmith against the Andy Warhol Foundation for the alleged copyright infringement of Wharol’s “Prince Series.” After Goldsmith registered a legal win in 2021 with the Circuit Court of Appeals, the foundation challenged the ruling. The Supreme Court’s verdict could have major implications for “fair use” of copyrighted materials in art. 

Spot the Robot Canine Patrols the Ancient Streets of Pompeii in an Attempt to Preserve its Ruins    

Built by Boston Dynamics, an engineering and robotics facet of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Spot is only a partial component in the impressive Smart@POMPEI project. Park authorities plan to transform the historic Italian landmark into a hi-tech Archaeological Park that relies on such technology to monitor its structural and safety conditions.  

Solidarity in the Arts: The MOMA Introduces A Collection of Works by Ukrainian-Born Artists 

This harmonious effort made by the influential New York museum is a massive acknowledgment and display of alliance to the artists and people whose homes have been plagued by war since Russia’s invasion last month. Featured artists include Sonia Delaunay-Terk, Kazimir Malevich, Aleksei Kruchenykh, and Maria Siniakova.

You Can Now Tour an Ancient Pompeii Home All Thanks to Virtual Reality

Archaeologists have digitally recreated the House of the Epigrams, a Pompeii home excavated in the late nineteenth century and known for its contents of Greek epigrams and other works. The technological advancement will allow participants to explore a rendering of an authentic residence from the ancient city before its monumental destruction by Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 C.E. 



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