AGI Fine Art Debuts at Art Expo 2024

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AGI Fine Art’s booth at Art Expo 2024’s opening night.

AGI Fine Art’s premiere at Art Expo New York marked a significant success, showcasing an impressive selection of contemporary artworks by established and emerging artists. With 32 local and international artists represented, the gallery’s booth at Pier 36 showcased a wide range of paintings, sculptures, and mixed media pieces.

AGI Fine Art’s booth at Art Expo 2024 before the opening night.

Artexpo New York, the world’s largest fine art trade show, is hosted annually in April by the Redwood Media Group. It coincides with Superfine Art Fair and attracts leading galleries, artists, collectors, and art lovers. The event features a diverse range of artworks available for viewing and purchase, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, ceramics, and prints. With a wide price range, Artexpo New York is a must-attend event in the city’s cultural calendar, adding excitement to the spring season.

A couple admiring one of the captivating artwork at AGI Fine Art’s booth during Artexpo New York 2024.

AGI’s steady art fair presence in key art hubs in the United States is part of an ongoing mission to champion budding talent and foster meaningful connections within the art world. With a commitment to showcasing diverse voices and perspectives, AGI Fine Art is poised to make a lasting impact within the contemporary art scene, providing a platform for artists to thrive and flourish.

A view of AGI Fine Art’s booth from above.

If you are an artist looking to advance your career and gain exposure in the world’s most dynamic art markets, we have more exciting opportunities coming ahead! 

In the summer, AGI will host Summer City Idyll, showcasing the work of emerging local and international talent at its Manhattan gallery, located in the heart of the Chelsea art district. Accepted applicants will receive targeted social media promotion, PR, and writing services in addition to a spot in the exhibition, held from July 18 to 24, 2024. 

Early submissions are also accepted for the Red Dot Miami art fair, where we will present a curated selection of work during Miami Art Week in early December. Held in the heart of Miami’s bustling art district, Wynwood, the fair attracts tens of thousands of collectors and art lovers each year, offering an unparalleled opportunity for networking and visibility. More information on the application process and guidelines can be found here.

In addition to exhibitions, AGI provides a wide range of year-round services to assist artists in navigating the complexities of the global art market. We offer guidance on all aspects of running your career as an artist, including sales, installation, promotion, and much more. AGI Fine Art is currently looking for new artists to join our 2024 program. Click here for more information on how to apply. 


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