As a visual artist, it is important to have a professional agent on your side, helping to advance your artistic career while you focus on creating the art.

New York City based gallery, Agora, was founded in 1984 by the late artist Miki Stiles, MFA, who while producing her own work, curated group exhibitions with artists working parallel to her practice. For nearly four decades, Agora’s founding mission persisted in enhancing the careers of artists from around the world. Today, the gallery focuses on special exhibitions of curated shows, featuring works by well-established artists and private collections.

Agora Group International Fine Art is proud to continue Ms. Stiles’ core foundation, in cultivating a supportive community backed by a team of professionals, who are focused on the advancement of emerging artists. We leverage years of industry experience with connections to a wide range of promotional services, aimed at growing your audience, increasing exposure and sourcing new opportunities.

Sabrina A. Gilbertson, Director of AGI Fine Art

Sabrina A. Gilbertson

AGI Fine Art is headed by Sabrina Gilbertson, who has been working in the New York art industry for over 15 years, coordinating exhibitions, art fairs and promotion for artists from around the world. An artist in her own right, Sabrina celebrates contemporary artists and is devoted to the exploration and advancement of their artistic careers.